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Ansys Overview

  • Ansys Training leads you to an exciting and intuitive career with increased efficency in completion of Design projects. It saves on the 3 major ‘M’ of any commercial market – Money, Manpower and Machinery. A simulation run in Ansys will save the time and energy and most importantly reduce on material wastage. Learning Ansys is unlike any other commercial tool related to Mechanical Engineering. Learning Ansys would require the Engineer to learn the underlying physics as well as the intreaction of the tool with the real-time environment.

    We at "SGT – SKILL DEVELOPMENT HUB" help the students & professionals to focus on ideas, problem-solving techniques & innovation without having to undergo the hard and gruelling sessions of technical seminars. We believe in having an intution based learning where the student participation is of equal importance.

    You will benefit from an experience that more closely represents real-world mechanical engineering.

    You will be trained in industry-standard and industry oriented practical projects so  that you can inculcate on your own a well established proficiency in CFD/CAE tools while at the same time demonstrating your commitment to professional development to potential employers.