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CEO Message

On behalf of SGT, I would like to express the gratitude for trusting and supporting us to deliver the Best & Professional services with high reliability.

Our Business is Customer Focused. We always see to it that all the requirements & demands are fulfilled to their level of satisfaction within the deadlines with the assured quality. We believe in working with our values. Our Professionals are skilled to deliver Simulation Services in Plant, Turbines, Refineries, Aerospace, Automobile and Healthcare Sectors. And also Website & Application-Designing & Development.

At present, biggest drawback of a project is the build cost (or) design cost. That’s where simulations come into picture, they give you practical sample & feedback of how a real time system works when designed, without actually investing in designing without proper plan. And we at SGT, have skilled Professionals who have in depth-knowledge on these sectors, to help you

While operating our business globally, we are highly diplomatic about the environment, society and economy. We appreciate this affirmation that we're moving in the right direction, progressing the company growth as well as personal growth, and we will continue to do. We appreciate your interest in our efforts.


Gadithala Shreya,

Chief Executive Officer