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Engineering Services

  • 3D Design and Modelling

    Analysis & Engg Simulation

    Biggest issue (or) drawback of a project is the build cost (or) design cost. That’s where simulations come into picture, they give you practical sample & feedback of how a real time system works when designed, without actually investing in designing without proper plan.

    Outcome of a simulation is nearly equivalent to that of an experience, with better results compared to the ones which might be obtained by directly designing a Project.

    The whole and complete focus of Ansys is, was and will be towards Engineering simulation. Ansys is an organization that, for more than 45 years, has consistently progressed and rocketed through various technologies and methodologies in order to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of various segments of its customers world-wide.

    ANSYS  is a tool that has made it possible to determine, detect, predict and explain various real-world scenarios without the need for actual testing of the said scenarios.
    Some simple examples include

    • Pre-determining the failure state of a said mechanical component(like gears, shafts, etc) without the need of a failure test.
    • Determining the effectiveness of a Heat-Exchanger in various load conditions
    • Optimizing the shape of an automobile in order to have low lift and drag profiles
    • Integrating them into a unified simulation platform capable of complex, multiphysics solutions